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Current stalemate in Ukraine and ways forward

Interview with Dr. Smith, Sr Lecturer in Defence/International Affairs at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Prior to joining RMAS he was at the Department of Peace Studies University of Bradford, from where he received his PhD in 1994. His main research interests are in the fields of international and European security. He is the author/editor of eight books including: (co-authored with Graham Timmins), Building a Bigger Europe: EU and NATO Enlargement in Comparative Perspective (Ashgate 2000); (co-authored with Paul Latawski), The Kosovo Crisis and the evolution of post-Cold War European security (Manchester University Press 2003) and the single-authored Russia and NATO since 1991: From Cold War through cold peace to partnership? (Routledge 2006). His articles have appeared inter alia, in International Peacekeeping, European Security, West European Politics, The Journal of Strategic Studies and Contemporary Security Policy.

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