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The Storm Returns: What's at Stake for Europe in the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict

Interview with Dr. Joris Bladel, Senior Associate Fellow at Egmont's Royal Institute for International Relations in Belgium. Dr Joris Van Bladel studied Social and Military Sciences at the Royal Military academy in Brussels, Slavic Languages and Eastern European cultures at Ghent University, and holds a Doctor of Arts degree from the State University of Groningen. His PhD thesis was entitled: ‘The All-volunteer Force in the Russian Mirror: Transformation without Change’. During and after his military career (1985-2006), he taught courses and guest lectures at several universities, including the Royal Military Academy in Brussels, the University of Amsterdam, Ghent University, The University of Uppsala, and the Technical University of Berlin. He was a guest researcher at the Center of Russian and Eastern European Studies at the University of Toronto and at the German Institute of International and security affairs in Berlin. Currently, he was a member of the Scientific Board of the Austrian Ministry of Defense. He is a guest commentator on questions related to security & defense and Russian affairs. Joris Van Bladel’s areas of expertise include Russian military and strategic culture, the Russian ‘soldiers question’, security & defense, (asymmetric) threat analysis, and Strategic forecasting. He joined the Egmont Institute in March 2022 as a Senior Associate Fellow in the Europe in the World progamme.

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